This how we can beat the coronavirus pandemic, by the physicians

We believe that the existence of more labs and testing reagents in sub-region will help in our fight against coronavirus pandemic.


The West African college of Physicians have asked for more establishment of diagnostics centers and reagents for proper testing of the suspected coronavirus cases.

This proposal was called out because they believe that the existence of more labs and testing reagents would go a long way in the fight against the coronavirus in the sub-region.

The body of committee also commended both the cooperate bodies as well as the national governments of sub-region on the various steps that they had to take to prevent the spread of the virus and encouraged them to keep on with the good work.

Dr. Albert Akpalu, FWACP Secretary-General, also asked countries to utilize on the opportunities that the coronavirus pandemic has offered for the development of surveillance and research infrastructure and capacity, which are very necessary and in dire need to ensure effective public health response to any outbreaks in the sub-region.

He also added that there is an urgent need for countries to speed up and expand their testing capability including community testing for a more accurate understanding of the coronavirus pandemic in the region and also to provide reliable and trustworthy evidence for the prioritization of the next actions.

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