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IBB University Niger State begins Indefinite Strike

IBB University commences Indefinite Strike

Academic Staff Union (ASUU) of IBB University Lapai, says it has initiated an uncertain strike, because of the delinquency of its N500 million extraordinary recompenses by the Niger state government.

‎Dr Salahu Lawal, ASSU Chairman, IBB University Chapter, disclosed to News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in a meeting in Lapai on Saturday that the choice was taken after the lapse of the week-long cautioning strike set out by the association on March 7.

He said that the section administrators were welcomed by the state government over‎ the issue however they were unwilling to pay the stipends that had collected since 2009.

“Niger state government implored us that it will pay N350 million while we relinquish N150 million; we can’t manage the cost of such a misfortune, it is gigantic.

“This is the cash we worked for and it must be ponied up all required funds; really, they needed to pay us yet they demanded in paying N350 million; that is a break and we are not going to take it.

‎”This cash we are requesting is collected cash from our stipends, this cash we earned it, we are not asking for it.

‎”They said they don’t have cash to clear the excess, we are not going to acknowledge their offer. They need us to relinquish some portion of the cash, we can’t on the grounds that some of our individuals passed on while sitting tight for this cash.

‎”I am certain in the event that they had paid this cash, some of them would have utilized it for their therapeutic care and might not have kicked the bucket,” he said.

‎Meanwhile, Mr Jide Orintunsin, Senior Media Assistant to Gov. Abubakar Bello, said that the obligation was not acquired by the present organization rather; it was acquired from the past organization.

As per him, individuals from the association were not being sensible in perspective of the budgetary difficulties of the organization was managing.

“We have numerous contending issues shaking for money related consideration, these issues are numerous and we are attempting to accomplish something with the little assets we have.‎

“We will pay yet in stages, they should hold on for us ‎and acknowledge in compliance with common decency what we will pay now,” he said

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