Gavin Williamson Says that the government plans to reopen schools in UK

Schools in the UK might reopened from June 1 says the Education Secretary


On the 16th of May, 2020, the government United Kingdom went live on BBC world news to give a briefing on how they plan to gradually reopen schools in the UK soonest. The briefing which took place in downing street was done by the Education secretary Gavin Williamson who is reassuring parents their plans to reopen school.

According to him, he said “we want to see children back in schools in England” because the longer these children stay back at home, the more they miss out on their future which is one of the worrisome aspect of the school closure since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic.

He also said that there is very necessity for schools in the UK to reopen because children grow and benefit a lot from school. The schools won’t be reopened fully but it will be something that will happen in different phases in line with other Europeans countries with close monitoring to ensure the safety of the school children and also will be focused on minimizing contacts.

In his speech, Williamson thanks the teachers and schools for all their effort during the lockdown. According to Williamson, the government has planned a phased reopening of primary schools in the UK, for children in nursery and pre-school, Reception and Years 1 and 6 at primary school from after half term on 1 June.

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Williamson also said that from June 1, the testing of teachers, children and families will be tested for the virus who might display symptoms and also gave some conditions in which schools will be reopened which includes;
• Reduce class sizes and keep children in small group without mixing with others
• Stagger break and lunch times, and school arrival and departure sizes
• Clean more frequently and reduce the use of shared items and outdoor space.

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