Evangelist Ravi Zacharias dies at the age of 74

World renowned Christian Evangelist, Ravi Zacharias, have been confirmed dead


World renowned Christian Evangelist, Ravi Zacharias, have been confirmed dead. He was said to have died in his Atlanta home in the US at the age of 74. He died exactly two months after he was diagnosed with a cancer.

Evangelist Ravi Zacharias

According to Christianity Today, it was reported that the late evangelist was best known for his good work through the Ravi Zacharias International Ministries (RZIM), which focused on apologetic argument for the existence of God and the Reasonableness of Christianity.

According to his Ministry’s website, it says that Zacharias have preached in over 70 countries and have authored more than 30 books in his 48-year career journey, teaching Christians all over the world to engage with sceptics and arguing that the Christian worldview had robust answers for humanity’s existential questions.

The late Zacharias who was born in India and was raised in an Anglican Family once said that he could recount his conversion to Christianity came while he was reading the bible in the hospital after he tried committing suicide as a teen which failed. After the incident, he migrated to Canada at the age of 20.

Before his death, he was survived by his 48-year-old wife, Margie, and his 3 children (two daughters and a son) and five grandchildren.
To Nigerians and the world in general, the earth has indeed lost a great man and have also recounted how the Ravi Zacharias Ministry has touched their lives in one way or the other. Goodbye Man of God but you will be surely be missed.

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