Do you actually believe that the late video vixen Kodak dead from electrocution as said by Clarence Peters? These are the reasons why you should think otherwise

Doubts arises as some Nigerians don’t actually buy the story of late video vixen Kodak being electrocuted


It is almost going to a week since the Nigerian video vixen popularly known as Kodak was reportedly dead as the reports says that she is dead from an electrocution from her phone charger while she was charging and pressing her phone. The sad incident took place in Omole Estate, Lagos, in one of the popular Nigerian music director, Clarence Peters, dance studio where they went for a video shooting with her other crew member.

Some days shortly after her death, the music director, Clarence peters, posted a public address on his Instagram page to address the issue concerning Kodak’s death. According to him, the young dancer didn’t die on the spot of incident as she collapsed and was taken to almost three hospitals who refused to take her in on the fears that she might be a Covid-19 patient before she was finally accepted in the third hospital where she gave up 30 minutes after their arrival.

And again according to Clarence Peters, the Nigerian police has been fully informed about the events of the incident as it occurred , immediately after she has been confirmed dead and they are currently carrying out full-scale investigation to ascertain the real cause of her death but then again some Nigerians and fans of the deceased didn’t buy the story of her being electrocuted by her phone charger as they keep wondering how ordinary phone charger with small voltage output could kill a person in the modern era of new advanced technology.

Others also suspects foul play as they make statements like “As big as Clarence Peters’ house is, you mean he doesn’t have a good earthling system? While others request that Clarence Peters’ and his dance crew should actually tell the public the real cause of Kodak death.

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For the meantime the Police are now carrying out full- scale investigation to find the real cause of her death and also her body has been sent for autopsy test.
My question is, do you actually believe that she really died from a phone charging electrocution? Well as we wait for the police to give us the feedback of their investigation, we pray that her spirit finds the peace that she desires.

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