Bay Leaves and its Health Benefits

The health benefits of the Bay leave


As of today, there are plants with resemblance of bay leaves even by their fragrance but are not bay leaves. The outstanding nutritional and medicinal value of bay leaves surpasses that of leaves with very similar appearance. Scientifically, bay leaves are called Laurus Nobilis. The constant unfavorable effect of climate change in some regions have stunted and shrunk the growth of bay leaves. Most times, bay leaves are grinded into powder for spicing up food and are as well used in their full form while cooking to deduce the flavour from it before being removed.

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The health benefits of bay leaves include:

1. It helps in the tree of respiratory diseases.

2. It helps effectively in containing diabetes.

3. It calms indigestion. The presence of an enzyme in bay leaves help to break down food and aid the process of digestion.

4. It enhances and improves the health of hair follicles.

5. It influences the general well being of a person.

6. It lowers stress hormones present in the body.

7. It helps in balancing blood sugaur in the body. 

Bay leaves build up strong internal structures in the body. They build up the immune system and helps the body fight diseases.

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